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September 27, 2004



and i'll be damned if this isn't also really amazing! mia is very lucky indeed. :)


I was just searching for cookie monster cakes and found your blog - that is amazing! Would you mind sharing how you did that? Was it a special cake pan or did you make it up? My daughter will be 2 in August and would LOVE that!! Thanks :-)


That cake looks great. My son is having his 3rd birthday party this weekend and LOVES Cookie Monster. They don't make Cookie Monster cakes in stores so the next alternative is to bake one myself. PLEASE HELP!!!!


How-to for the cookie monster cake:

The face is made up of one standard or extra-large round cake, plus 2 round-topped cupcakes for the eyes. When the cakes are cool, you put the big round on a cake board, cut out "eye sockets," then place one cupcake for each eye.

For frosting, I used a simple star tip with bright blue decorator buttercream (crisco, butter, powdered sugar, and lots of blue food coloring). You hold the bag straight up, place a dollop of frosting, then pull upwards to make nice blue fur. The eyes are frosted with white, then black for the eyeballs (you could also use some sort of chocolate candy for the eyeballs if you want).

Last, bake some cookies and push them into his mouth, sticking up. And a few around the bottom of the cake for extra decor.

And that's it. Just don't tell Sesame Street 'cause they might sue me.

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